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Medieval parchment fragments in Bergen University Library and The Regional State Archives in Bergen

About this website

This website presents Latin and Old Norse parchment fragments in the Bergen University Library and in the State Archives in Bergen.

Catalogue data are transcribed from existing handwritten catalogues. Both bibliographies and, in some cases, certain philological information about the fragments was updated in this process in the years 2004-2006, mainly by latinist Mrs Åslaug Ommundsen, PhD, at the Centre for Medieval Studies, Bergen.

Electronic images were made at the University of Bergen Library, mainly by photographer Mr Morten Heiselberg, and at the State Archives.

The integration of full text transcriptions was done using the TEI encoding scheme of the Medieval Nordic Text Archive (Menota).

Technical development for the original website was done by Uni Computing in 2004-2006. The website was in 2012 moved to a server at Bergen University Library and is now maintained by the library.

We archived the old news and people pages here.

Contact: Bergen University Library, Department of special collections: The State Archives in Bergen:

Partners in the development of the website were also: Medieval nordic text archive (MENOTA): Uni Computing: Centre for medieval studies:

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